Another Soy Problem

Posted: April 21, 2014 in Interesting stuff
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HerbicideAccording to a new study conducted by scientists of the Arctic University of Norway, extreme levels of Monsanto’s herbicide “Roundup” have been found in genetically modified soy plants. The study will be published in June’s issue of ‘Food Chemistry’ and will also be available online.

The scientists looked at 31 different soybean farms in Iowa for the study. The accumulation of pesticides and herbicides in soybean plants was compared in three categories: genetically modified ‘Roundup Ready’ soybeans, conventionally grown soybeans (non GMO) and organic soybean farming. Extreme values of Roundup residues ​​were found in 70 % of the genetically engineered soybean plants. A whopping amount of 9mg Roundup was detected in soybeans per kilogram, whereas Monsanto set a maximum value of Roundup contamination to 5.6 mg per kilogram of plants.

Crop researchers have genetically modified soybean plants as far that they can ‘tolerate’ more of the herbicide ‘Roundup’ for weed destruction. The weeds, however, have been more or less accustomed to the herbicide by now and adapted to it, forcing farmers to use more of the herbicides on their soybean fields. This leads in turn to a higher contamination of the herbicide in soybeans and in particular with its harmful ingredient glyphosate, which is thus passed down into the food chain. As to the high health risk of glyphosate, which also triggers symptoms of gluten intolerance, we reported here recently.

Another study conducted by German scientists (published in January, the journal for ‘Environmental & Analytical Toxicology’) has already demonstrated high concentrations of the active ingredient glyphosate in the urine of cows for milk production as well as in humans. The scientists concluded, the presence of glyphosate residues in both animals and in humans could haul the entire population into numerous hazardous health risks.

One may now be wondering what this could have to do with oneself if not much or no soybean products are consumed. This point starts at the very beginning of the food chain: soybeans are preferably used as food for the livestock (meat production) and thus ends up with high residues of glyphosate (Roundup ) in  the steak or medallion on the plate. That means, each time we eat something containing genetically modified soy, we are taking a dose of herbicide with it.

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