Butterbur Instead Of Cetirizin As Allergy Remedy

Posted: April 12, 2014 in Tipps
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ButterburThe hay fever season is waiting in the wings and does already cause trouble to many pollen allergy sufferers, who are allergic to the early blooming plants. Unfortunately, one has to reach for highly effective allergy remedies like Cetirizin or Zyrtec, especially of one experiences strong allergic reactions which may even include asthmatic reaction. The symptoms of the hay fever might be gone or at least eased to a more tolerable level, but those medications have their side effects and like to show with drowsiness or extreme tiredness. Scientist found that butterbur has a similar effect like the mainstream allergy remedies, however, without any side effects.

Scientiests at the British Unisversity of Exeter found that butterbur was as effective against allergy symptoms as a non-sedative allergy medication and more effective than the placebo used in the study. Max Zeller Söhne AG in Switzerland published a study at ‘Phytotherapy Research’, which has proven that butterbur inhibited the allergic response and reduced allergic airway inflammation, whereas a placebo used in the study had no effect at all. Another Swiss study compared the effects of Cetirizin to butterbur and found that the effects of 8 milligrams of butterbur four times a day are similar to those of cetirizine in patients with seasonal sinus and nasal congestion. The scientists concluded that butterbur should be considered for treating seasonal allergies.

Butterbur (Petasites Hybrides) grows in wet and marshy areas in the North of America, Europe and parts of Asia. The raw unprocessed plant contains  pyrrolizidine alkaloids, which are harmful to humans. When buying the plant, it should be clearly marked as PA-free. Butterbur does not have any side effects and has as well been shown effective against migraines, irritable stomach, gallbladder colics, fever, gout and even menstrual pains.

Sources: care2.com, herbalpracticioner.com


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